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Breathwork practice for everyday workshop with Sjaan Van de Langenberg

Breathwork practice for everyday  workshop with  Sjaan Van de Langenberg
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An intentional daily breathing practice can set the tone for your whole day ahead.
Your next moment and your life.

The health benefits of breathing fully and optimally are boundless.
Breathwork can have a positive impact on both our mental and physical wellbeing, helping to balance your nervous system and bringing nourishment and fresh energy to all the organs and tissue of your body.

During this workshop we will start with some gentle movement and stretches to open the sides of the body, the intercostal muscles, ribcage, pelvis and hips to encourage deeper fuller breathing.
Sjaan will then guide you through some simple and effective breathing patterns to increase our lungs capacity and encourage the range of our diaphragm.
When our breathing is fuller and deeper the movement of our diaphragm gently massages our internal organs and invites an optimal flow of vitality.
We will include some kundalini based breathing patterns to either calm or re-energise.
These practices will be simple and effective enough to add to your own daily routine.

With the help of these practices when we are able to bring our nervous system into balance and feel healthier, it can have a profound effect on our levels of creativity and connections.

With a breath practice we can inquire into our inner landscape, notice our minds’ activity and how they co-create and shape our lives.
Breathing invites life into our bodies, it connects the outside with the inside.
It is the thread that sews together the seemingly separate.
Bringing awareness to the breath can help bring us right into the present moment.
Where we ultimately can feel and recognise our true nature, as not any one situation, circumstances, sensation or emotion but as pure awareness and being.,


Sjaan was born in South Africa and has been facilitating, in different parts of the world since 2012, practices that she believes encourage and enhance our sense of well-being, creativity and connection with ourselves, each-other and nature. Dance, intuitive movement, yoga, breathing and meditation are all practices that are a part of her daily life and what she loves to share with others. Breathing is movement and flow and is at the heart of every class Sjaan teaches. She attended her first 200hr training at the Sivananda Ashram in India, providing a foundation in ancient yogic philosophy. She went on to complete an intensive 300hr Vinyasa style training with Meghan Currie in Nicaragua, as well as a Pranayama – breathwork training with Engel Pherecydes in Bali. Sjaan is also trained in and practices Hawaiian Kahuna and Thai massage. She is currently completing her Ma in Dance leadership and community practice at Laban. Sjaan encourages curiosity, playfulness and compassion. Motivating you to find your own path – one that feels honest and true. Your practice can be a journey to uncover your body’s innate intelligence and already present state of peace


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The workshop will focus on how improvisation tasks can be used as a mechanism for learning, or applying movement qualities, to set material. Our workshops and classes are divided into improvisation and set crossings/material, we may also look into compositional tasks and share information about how the two of us devise movement material.

We will begin with mobilisation tasks, in the first half of the session we will explore how to contrast isolations and continuous consequential movement through improvisations. We will look for new pathways and rhythms and investigate tension as a means of expression.

The second half will focus on crossings aimed to develop the vocabulary available, offering ways in and out of the floor and exploring our connection to gravity, as well as set phrases aimed to develop this understanding of how we move.



When booking for a Workshop please note that we can only provide a full refund
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Once you have committed to a course or workshop it is your responsibility to attend the scheduled number of sessions.


Bea’s artistic practice that will be explored has been influenced by artists such as Lali Ayguadé, Marina Mascarell and Michael Keegan-Dolan.
Theo’s artistic practice has been influenced by artists including Sita Ostheimer, Sofia Nappi and Ben Wright

YOGA FOUNDATIONS : Asana Clinic for the beginners mind with Giuliana Majo

YOGA FOUNDATIONS : Asana Clinic for the beginners mind with Giuliana Majo
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Have you considered taking up yoga or deepening your knowledge of yoga alignment to refine your practice?
If yes, come and join us at this workshop!
Don’t worry if you can’t see or touch your toes, all are very welcome from beginners to and all levels of practitioner.
The Yoga basics workshop provides the underlying structure to support you if you are new to be able to enter an open level class with confidence and for advanced students, there are huge benefits from exploring alignment essentials presented in this workshop.
We’ll focus on asana, the physical positioning of the body and take time to break down some key fundamentals that can be applied to all asana.
You will learn how yoga props (equipment) can support you to experience the shape in good alignment as well as breath awareness and how this can give insight both on and off the mat.
We’ll explore some Yoga philosophy and ideas to give you an understanding of how a Yoga practice and the tools it offers can support you in your everyday life. This may be the start of your journey into the practice or a time after a period of reflection that you’d like to hit the reset button on the direction you’re moving in by taking time out for yourself to pause.
Yoga is a transformational practice, if you’re interested in making some changes however big or small, the first step is to find what works for you. It may be an active, dynamic asana based class or a restful, restorative practice. We’ll look at both ends of the spectrum in this workshop to give you a taste of what you might like to explore further.


Giuliana is an ex dancer, a vinyasa flow & restorative yoga teacher and a physiotherapist in
She is also one of three founders of TripSpace where she takes care of the overall programme.

She has been dancing for 25 years, practicing yoga for 18 years.
Giuliana is a Yoga Campus and London Contemporary Dance School alumna and has recently been asked by Internationally renown Yoga Teacher Judith Hanson Lasater to assist her on her next Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course in London.