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1st-4th November
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£135 EB until 24th October/ £150 thereafter

A dancer with an extremely intense and physical practice, based on twenty years of scientific research, Jorge Crecis offers work derived from the repertoires of the companies Acosta Danza, Scottish Dance Theatre and Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theatre.

About the training method:

Towards Vivencia is a highly effective way to experience peak performance presence and learn tools to train it:

– A training that builds on traditional training to allow performers to go even further
– Mindset, motivation and mental health through high energy training.
– Techniques and exercises developed over the last 20 years of practical and academic research

photo. Jesus Robisco


Jorge holds a degree in Sport Sciences and studied contemporary dance at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. He worked as a professional dancer for different companies throughout Europe, and became a full-time lecturer at London Contemporary Dance School for 4 years. Currently, Jorge is an award winning choreographer whose work has been performed in the main theatres around the world: New York City Centre, avant-garde 798 District in Beijing, Sadlers Wells, the Royal Opera House in London. Jorge founded SQx (somoSQuien eXperience) leading workshops internationally and coaching professional companies such as Akram Khan, DV8, Punchdrunk, Rambert…

Over the last years Jorge has been commissioned by companies including Scottish Dance Theatre, Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theatre, Acosta Danza. His latest creation for the company directed by Carlos Acosta has been awarded as the best dance piece presented in Cuba in 2017.

In 2018, he obtained his PhD degree by Goldsmiths University of London. For the last 20 years, Jorge has been working to crack the secret of how to replicate altered states of consciousness using neurosciences, anthropology and phenomenology.

KRE8 Lab with Marso

KRE8 Lab with Marso
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14th November
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£25 Early Bird 1st November
£30 thereafter

Marso is known for his unique style of movement and deliver performance, education, and
residency work across the dance sector both in the UK and abroad.
Based on an experimental and physiological approach to flow and travel, his signature
style of work often evolves and is inspired from Martial arts, Breakin, Popping,
Contemporary Release, Spirals, Yoga and various movement concepts….
“At the heart of my work is education and community. I believe that everyone regardless of
age or ability should have access to high quality dance opportunities.”
Past & present relationships with organisations:
Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts, Dancexchange, TripSpace, Birmingham
Hippodrome, UK Centres of Advance Training, Dance4, The Place London, Yorkshire
Dance, Breakin Convention, Rambert School, Wolverhampton University, La Caldera,
Barcelona Centre Civic, Sadlers Wells, CCN Creteils Paris, Adage Bordeaux FR. Acosta
Danza, Danza Contemporenea de Cuba
Styles offered: Mixed movement concepts to include but not limited to Breakin’,
Streetdance (Popping, Choreography, Hip Hop), Contemporary Dance.

What to expect:
• The class will explore how to flow between breakin and other movement
techniques, refining extensions and “released” versus “dynamic” movement
• Weight distribution and movement concepts through short improvisation, traveling
sequences and technical drills.
• The class is aimed to develop all professional dancers, from those in professional
training through to Bboys and Bgirls/streetdancers wanting to develop their range of
movement or simply wanting to take part in a fun and physical morning dance class


Based in the U.K, Marso is the founder of Company Decalage, GalleryMarso and “KRE8!”.
He produces eclectic and inter-disciplinary works rooted to Hip Hop culture.
His track record as a performer, producer, workshop leader, mentor, award winning choreographer and photographer is rich with amazing collaborations and achievements.
In the last 20 years he has established himself as a major force in both the contemporary dance, and Breakin’ (Breakdance) worlds.
He has created numerous touring works for Company Decalage and independently been commissioned by Carlos Acosta for Acosta Danza, Sharleen Spiteri (Texas), Sampad, The Royal Academy of Dance, Birmingham Hippodrome, People Dancing, Dancexchange, Birmingham International Dance Festival, The Place Prize, Breakin Convention, The Cultural Olympiad, The Aurora Orchestra, King’s Cross NC1, Danza Contemporenea De Cuba, The British Council and Hong Kong APA.
more info:
IG: @marsoriviere


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– Bring your own Mat
– Bottle of water
– Any props you want

See you there.


Adam’s welcoming soft attitude, people skills and kindness will make you feel happy and relaxed while he takes you through a class full of breath awareness, movement and challenge.
Adam’s journey to becoming a yoga teacher was through his super awesome wonderful wife Andy Kobelinsky.
When doing her teacher training Andy needed someone to practice on and did so on Adam.
He instantly fell in love with the practice the more she taught him and he became a regular practitioner.
This love of the practice and wanting to share it with others eventually led to him becoming a teacher.