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Movement & Sound Workshop with Becky & Domenico

Movement & Sound Workshop with Becky & Domenico
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12th June 2021
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Namgauds and Angarano have collaborated on various projects since 2016, including Rodadoras and East Wall at LIFT. They often work together for contemporary technique classes for undergraduates and post-graduate students.

A practical workshop designed and lead by Becky Namgauds and Domenico Angarano aiming to give participants an opportunity to learn and explore the connection of movement and sound in a safe environment.

The four hours will consist of an introduction to the elements within music and how rhythm is organised in different societies around the world, a warm up class to prepare our bodies and voices and improvisational tasks to tune ourselves to more simple ideas of moving to a particular count, rhythm or speed with different movement qualities. You will learn some movement phrases which will serve as a tool for exploring different rhythms, sounds and textures of sound, and how the sound can influence the way you perform the movement. You will be lead through several improvisations in which you bring one simple physical idea that interests you and transform it into a narrative using the music to influence you and you influencing the music.
We will close the workshop with more free improvisational group tasks in which you will have the opportunity to explore everything previously touched on and more.

This is a workshop for anyone with a dance or movement background but we expect that participants will have some experience of learning set movement or choreography and improvisational experience. We will work as a group but there will be solo exploration and there will be live music throughout.


Becky Namgauds is a choreographer and dance artist creating intense, powerful work that sits between dance, performance art and installation. Inspired by personal and political issues, her work is female-driven and internationally influenced with recurring themes of feminism and the environment. Choreographically, she draws on her wide range of movement experience, including contemporary dance, and Capoeira. Namgauds has created work for theatres, outdoor festivals, galleries and music videos. In 2018 she was the sole female choreographer on East Wall collaborating with Hofesh Shechter Company and LIFT for a site-specific performance at the Tower of London with 150 performers. Her show Like Honey was part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019 and solo Exhibit F premiered at Dance Umbrella 2019 as part of Out Of The System Mixed Bill and toured in early 2020. She is currently researching a new outdoor work, The Anthropocene, looking at eco-logical grief and human behaviour towards the planet.
Most recently she was a commissioned choreographer for EMERGENCE, the post-graduate dance company at Salford University which will be touring in the UK in Summer 2021. This year Becky is working with aerial theatre company Scarabeus as choreographer for their new show Emerging and later in the year will be collaborating with multidisciplinary artistic duo Arbonauts, to create a site specific performance at a tidal wall on the Essex coastline with over 80 cold water swimmers for Estuary 2021 in September.

After graduating in Jazz at the Naples Conservatory of Music, Domenico Angarano attended various improvisation workshops in Italy, New York and London, with artists such as Medeski Martin & Wood, Cyro Baptista, David Fiuczynski.
Since relocating to London he has moved into the world of contemporary dance, as well as continuing to specialize in arrangement and composition. He has composed and played for Akram Khan, Hofesh Shechter, Hannes Langolf, Becky Namgauds, Jorge Crecis, the Hong Kong Academy of Arts,, English National Ballet and for choreographers Riccardo Buscarini, Jean Abreu, Marso Riviere, Hagit Yakira, Lee Brummer, Leila McMillan, Krishna Zivraj, Stefano Rosato, Marie Forbes, Stefan Jovanovic.
In the last 20 years he acquired knowledge of music from South Italy, West Africa, India, Southern Europe, Brazil, Cuba and the Middle East.
All of these cultures inform his creative process to aim towards a new form of western contemporary music infused in these traditions. Music that shows how connected human beings are, in a world that is politically moving towards a more fragmented and individualistic society.
Education to different cultures and consequently to different music styles can bring diverse audiences together. Both music and dance can become more accessible to areas of society that otherwise don’t see these forms of art as representative of contemporary society.

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Saturday 8th May
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Meet us at the Snake Park next to Haggerston’s Overground Station.

– Bring your own Mat
– Bottle of water
– Any props you want

See you there.

If it’s raining, we will postpone.