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Mimbre: Acrobatics and Movement

Mimbre: Acrobatics and Movement
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11th-15th October
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The classes will focus on the discipline of Acrobatic Movement and how to take a healthy approach to this intense training.
Mimbre is a female-led company creating nuanced, breath-taking and highly-skilled acrobatic theatre. We use circus and dance innovatively as a physical language to illuminate human connections and promote a positive image of women.

In these morning classes we will teach a range of specialised acrobatics movements and techniques from Mimbre’s repertoire of tricks and styles, including fluid movements along the floor and upside-down shapes (handstands, headstands and other figures).

Each day will start with a full physical warm-up, which will cover agility and stamina training, along with strengthening and injury prevention exercises, followed by individual acrobatics techniques.
We will also look at creative and innovative approaches to choreographing acrobatics, building up to creating small choreographic sequences with the material learnt and explore how to keep the complicity between the participants despite not using physical contact with each other.
We are very inclusive and can adapt the movements to anyone’s ability. We’re very experienced in approaching physical limits (injury, disability, body type) as creative springboards instead of stopping points, using restrictions as tools to come up with new and original ways of working.


Mimbre is a female-led company creating nuanced, breathtaking and highly skilled acrobatic theatre. We use circus and dance innovatively as a physical language to illuminate human connections and promote a positive image of women.
With an artistic voice that is physical and accessible, Mimbre build relationships with broad, non-traditional audiences and participants, creating unexpected moments in unusual spaces and reclaiming some beauty within the urban environment.
Our performances and participation programme reach beyond social, financial and cultural boundaries and find fresh ways to engage, encourage and inspire people, showing that the impossible can be possible on a local, national and international level.


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24th October 2021
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£25 Early Bird until 17th october
£30 thereafter

Alethia will lead a highly physical workshop that draws from various movement styles and practices to explore multiplicity in physicality, musicality, dynamics, and flow.

To begin, participants will be led through movement patterns and improvisational exploration to develop awareness, strength, and mobility through the whole body, to encourage flow and dynamic shifts through more complex movements. The workshop will build into set standing, travelling, and floor work material, and will end with working with these various elements through an accumulative phrase.

Throughout, Alethia will encourage participants to keep aware of their own individuality; using given material as a framework to develop their own way of moving, and explore different movement possibilities to incorporate into their own practice.


Alethia Antonia is a UK-based freelance choreographer, performer, teacher and researcher. She trained at London Contemporary Dance School, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Her choreographic work has been supported by The Place, Dance4, Yorkshire Dance, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds Dance Partnership, Tripspace and Arts Council England, and has been performed at venues such as The Place, Yorkshire Dance, York Theatre Royal and Fashion Space Gallery.

As a performer, she has toured internationally and has worked with companies such as Russell Maliphant Dance Company, James Wilton Dance, James Cousins Company, VOXED – Wayne Parsons, TRIBE//, Flexer and Sandiland, Matsena Productions, Chhaya Collective, Heather Walrond Company, and Extended Play (Jamaal Burkmar), amongst others.

As a teacher, she has taught nationally and abroad for those such as Scottish Dance Theatre, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Trinity Laban, The Place, London Contemporary Dance School, Dance4, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Kingston University, and Accademia Balletto Roma. Alethia is currently a Work Place Artist at The Place.

SOUND BATH with Marco Florio

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It is now scientifically proven that Therapeutic Sound has a lot of potential to resonate with our own energy system on all levels of being: physically mentally and spiritually.
It can transform negativity into positivity and promote a state of wellbeing and the stimulation of dormant energies.
In sound therapy the participant becomes the focus of the session, the therapist facilitates an intention set at the beginning of the session.
Sound can help to dissolve heavy and stacked energies in the body, it can also be very beneficial to whom suffer from: chronic pain, stress, self esteem challenges, life transitions, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, conflict, spiritual stagnation. In most of the cases sound induces deep relaxation and guiding participants into a dimension away from time and space as a result one will feel that time has passed really quickly even though they might have experienced a full hour session.
Your body temperature will probably drop when you begin to rest so wear comfortable, warm clothing. Please bring your own blankets, pillows if you wish., and your own yoga mat.
No meditation or sound bath experience required!

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Sound Salvej is Marco Florio. He lives in London and has achieved a Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy at the British Academy of Sound Therapy in 2012. He also attended many workshops related to sound; intensive Gong Training with Gong Granmaster Don Conreaux, crystal- clear overtones workshop with voice Artist/Teacher Natascha Nikeprelevic, Mongolian Khoomii (Overtone singing) with the UK most experienced Khoomii overtone singer Michael Ormiston, voice and Laughter workshop with LARAAJI and many more. It has been into sound in many ways since his very young age playing in rock Indi bands, making it’s own electronic computer based project, being a dj and a radio broadcaster. After all these experiences with sound he decided to discover a different meaning to all of it and he found out that sound could benefit our self and others. The use of ancient organic instruments like the Gong and the Himalayan bowls immediately clicked with him and pointed him in the way to work with sound not only for the sake of fun but for a whole magical new experience, hope you can share with him all this new world. Marco has hold Sound Bath and Gong Bath in London, he worked with yoga teachers and Yoga centre in London such as TripSpace, The Well Garden, East of Eden, Project Me and other private venue where he organise Sound Bath and also made sound Workshop.


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Facebook: Marco Florio Sound Salvej
Instagram: soundsalvej