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The Biomechanics Of Inversions with Jambo

The Biomechanics Of Inversions with Jambo
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23rd January 2022
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£45 Early Bird before 14th January
£50 thereafter
£85 x 2workshops

This workshop is the foundation class for Jambo Dragon School’s ‘Origin Of Movement’ series.
The Origin Of Movement teaches practitioners how to understand the pathway of breath and in this class, how it moves from diaphragm to core to shoulders. By understanding this kinetic pathway, practitioners are able to work out where they can go deeper with their personal practise.
Expect yoga sequences that show how to isolate individual muscles of the core for maximum core power. Learn how to stabilise shoulder muscles to bring more confidence to your practise and resolve compensation patterns so that you can put your very best forwards.
There will be multiple options for each pose to give practitioners a general idea of how to improve their relationship with inversions.


Jambo is a multi-disciplinary practitioner with special interests in integrated medicine. His style of teaching is based on informative story telling and practical activities to embody the learning experience.
His approach is based on both evidence-based practise combined with clinical experience of working with the potential of the human body. His approach to human movement is based on applied kinesiology, functional movement and the somatic experience. Expect humour, an open perspective and more muscle memory to aid your growth.

Release and Reclaim: A somatic exploration of your wild self with Tiffany Hamilton-Atkins

Release and Reclaim: A somatic exploration of your wild self with Tiffany Hamilton-Atkins
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29th January
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£20 Early Bird before 22nd January
£25 thereafter

When we cultivate the relationship to the body it becomes a practice of revelation and full expression of our whole selves.


In this 2 hour workshop, we will explore the energetic, physical and emotional body using Body Temple Dance, journaling, sound and meditation.

This embodied practice will help you to tap into parts of you that are as yet unexplored, release and move through any stuckness and reclaim your wild, powerful and liberated self


Are you in?

*No previous dance experience necessary*


Tiffany sought out yoga as a way to rediscover movement and a connection to her body after moving away from dancing and as a counterbalance to the stresses of her busy events job.
The impact was immediate and bought a renewed sense of energy, vigour and curiosity into her life. The transformational power of the spiritual, physical and emotional practice compelled her to take her 200 YTT so she could begin to share this magic with others.

SOUND BATH with Marco Florio

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4th February
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It is now scientifically proven that Therapeutic Sound has a lot of potential to resonate with our own energy system on all levels of being: physically mentally and spiritually.
It can transform negativity into positivity and promote a state of wellbeing and the stimulation of dormant energies.
In sound therapy the participant becomes the focus of the session, the therapist facilitates an intention set at the beginning of the session.
Sound can help to dissolve heavy and stacked energies in the body, it can also be very beneficial to whom suffer from: chronic pain, stress, self esteem challenges, life transitions, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, conflict, spiritual stagnation. In most of the cases sound induces deep relaxation and guiding participants into a dimension away from time and space as a result one will feel that time has passed really quickly even though they might have experienced a full hour session.
Your body temperature will probably drop when you begin to rest so wear comfortable, warm clothing.

No meditation or sound bath experience required!

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Sound Salvej is Marco Florio. He lives in London and has achieved a Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy at the British Academy of Sound Therapy in 2012. He also attended many workshops related to sound; intensive Gong Training with Gong Granmaster Don Conreaux, crystal- clear overtones workshop with voice Artist/Teacher Natascha Nikeprelevic, Mongolian Khoomii (Overtone singing) with the UK most experienced Khoomii overtone singer Michael Ormiston, voice and Laughter workshop with LARAAJI and many more. It has been into sound in many ways since his very young age playing in rock Indi bands, making it’s own electronic computer based project, being a dj and a radio broadcaster. After all these experiences with sound he decided to discover a different meaning to all of it and he found out that sound could benefit our self and others. The use of ancient organic instruments like the Gong and the Himalayan bowls immediately clicked with him and pointed him in the way to work with sound not only for the sake of fun but for a whole magical new experience, hope you can share with him all this new world. Marco has hold Sound Bath and Gong Bath in London, he worked with yoga teachers and Yoga centre in London such as TripSpace, The Well Garden, East of Eden, Project Me and other private venue where he organise Sound Bath and also made sound Workshop.


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Facebook: Marco Florio Sound Salvej
Instagram: soundsalvej