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SOUND BATH with Marco Florio

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It is now scientifically proven that Therapeutic Sound has a lot of potential to resonate with our own energy system on all levels of being: physically mentally and spiritually.
It can transform negativity into positivity and promote a state of wellbeing and the stimulation of dormant energies.
In sound therapy the participant becomes the focus of the session, the therapist facilitates an intention set at the beginning of the session.
Sound can help to dissolve heavy and stacked energies in the body, it can also be very beneficial to whom suffer from: chronic pain, stress, self esteem challenges, life transitions, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, conflict, spiritual stagnation. In most of the cases sound induces deep relaxation and guiding participants into a dimension away from time and space as a result one will feel that time has passed really quickly even though they might have experienced a full hour session.
Your body temperature will probably drop when you begin to rest so wear comfortable, warm clothing. Please bring your own blankets, pillows if you wish., and your own yoga mat.
No meditation or sound bath experience required!

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Sound Salvej is Marco Florio. He lives in London and has achieved a Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy at the British Academy of Sound Therapy in 2012. He also attended many workshops related to sound; intensive Gong Training with Gong Granmaster Don Conreaux, crystal- clear overtones workshop with voice Artist/Teacher Natascha Nikeprelevic, Mongolian Khoomii (Overtone singing) with the UK most experienced Khoomii overtone singer Michael Ormiston, voice and Laughter workshop with LARAAJI and many more. It has been into sound in many ways since his very young age playing in rock Indi bands, making it’s own electronic computer based project, being a dj and a radio broadcaster. After all these experiences with sound he decided to discover a different meaning to all of it and he found out that sound could benefit our self and others. The use of ancient organic instruments like the Gong and the Himalayan bowls immediately clicked with him and pointed him in the way to work with sound not only for the sake of fun but for a whole magical new experience, hope you can share with him all this new world. Marco has hold Sound Bath and Gong Bath in London, he worked with yoga teachers and Yoga centre in London such as TripSpace, The Well Garden, East of Eden, Project Me and other private venue where he organise Sound Bath and also made sound Workshop.


For More :
Facebook: Marco Florio Sound Salvej
Instagram: soundsalvej


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26th June 2021
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– Bring your own Mat
– Bottle of water
– Any props you want

See you there.


Adam’s welcoming soft attitude, people skills and kindness will make you feel happy and relaxed while he takes you through a class full of breath awareness, movement and challenge.
Adam’s journey to becoming a yoga teacher was through his super awesome wonderful wife Andy Kobelinsky.
When doing her teacher training Andy needed someone to practice on and did so on Adam.
He instantly fell in love with the practice the more she taught him and he became a regular practitioner.
This love of the practice and wanting to share it with others eventually led to him becoming a teacher.

Dance Workshop Intensive with Sabrina Gargano

Dance Workshop Intensive with Sabrina Gargano
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3rd July 2021
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This Intensive workshop is very physical and dynamic, drawing from Sabrina’s background and experience as a professional dance artist and physical theatre performer.

The long class includes exercises that allow connecting of breath and body, improvisation, floor work, which is very enriched by the use of spirals, fast transitions to challenge coordination and stamina and a big influence of capoeira which is inspiring Sabrina’s work for seven years.

Those elements are fused into a practice that has a focus on grounding, efficiency, fluidity and connection through space and in and out of the floor.
The workshop will focus, as well, on physical theatre exercises that will aim to help the participant using the technique as a tool to discover a unique way to move.


Sabrina is a free-lance dance artist. After completing the Professional Development Jasmin Vardimon Course JV2 in 2014, Sabrina performed in U.K. and abroad. She collaborated with PanicLab Dance Theatre (U.K.), Gregory Maqoma for Companhia Instàvel (Portugal), Tom Dale (U.K.) Company Idem (Switzerland) ,Ciemulator Dance Theatre (Switzerland), Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre (U.K.), Fuora Dance Project (U.K.), Victoria Fox for //Tribe (U.K.), Mafalda Deville for Companhia Instavel (Portugal), Becky Namgauds and Jasmin Vardimon (U.K), performing in the title role of Jasmin’s Pinocchio.
Sabrina also encountered David Zambrano during her career, who completely influenced her work and keep on influencing and inspired her.
She collaborates with Verena Schneider, their duet was performed in Italy, London and North Ireland. She was commissioned to choreograph the Youth company at The Point, Pera University, Lincoln University. She teaches workshops in the U.K. and around Europe, Sabrina is the Programme Leader for JV2 2019-20 and 2020-21.
In 2019 she started to collaborate with the artist Rafa Jagat for the creation of their first duet A Ciegas and the online project May You Listen? for JV2. In 2020 they founded Elelei Dance Theatre Company.
Rafa Jagat is currently co-directing her first solo Hystera.