Yoga Teachers


Dynamic Vinyasa

Alice became a yoga teacher after graduating from drama school where she also focused heavily on physical theatre and dance. She did her 200hr training with YogaLondon in Ecuador. And her 300hr training with Sianna Sherman in Portland, Oregon, in a style called Rasa Yoga. Rasa yoga calls for us to trust our integrity, explore what our bodies are capable of and ground into our authenticity, all of which takes time and commitment.


Yang to Yin/ Flow & Restore/ Pregnancy Vinyasa Flow

Amanda’s background in dance, visual arts and anatomy influences her approach to teaching, bringing creative sequencing to classical poses and a focus on the potential for fluid movement and strength according to the potential of each individual student. She teaches vinyasa flow, hatha flow and yin yoga and has been teaching yoga in London for the last five years.

Each flow class is a well-rounded practice of initially warming and opening the body, progressing through gentle heat-building and strengthening flows, deep stretching and relaxation.

Amanda enjoys developing new flows and exploring the subtle and infinite possibilities of sequencing to challenge and nurture body and mind on the mat. There is always something new to discover in every practice!


Hatha Flow

Ann was first introduced to Yoga whilst training as a dancer at London Contemporary Dance School.
The instant improvement she experienced in how she was moving made her curious to discover more about Yoga and it’s rich myriad of styles..

For Ann one of the most exciting aspects of Yoga is that it has the potential to recognise the whole of a being.
Physical, energetic, mental and emotional.
She has trained specifically with this interest and tailors her teaching to embrace this holistic approach.
She teaches Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra.

Ann enjoys weaving anatomical exploration into class whilst layering up pranayama, mudra and contemplations to take off of the mat too.
Her flows are welcoming to a variety of levels and always give space for the individual to take what they need and leave what they don’t on any given day.

Her original teacher training was with Danny DeVille (15 years ago).
Since then she has learnt from many other wonderful teachers too.
Including Jason Crandell, Judith Hanson Lasater, Richard Miller, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Erinn Lewis.



Annalisa Tiranti is a creative soul who started her career as an interior designer.

She became a yoga teacher in 2016 studying with Sharon Gannon and David Life, the founders of the Jivamukti method. In 2018 she completed Vinyasa Sangye’ teacher training with her beloved teachers Cat Alip-Douglas & Phil.

For Annalisa yoga became a lifestyle. A Passionate and committed path which she decided to walk on learning by her own life. Yogis are interested in transforming matter into energy, she firmly believes the physical landscape can ascertain your essential tools to manifest the life you want to. Learning how to listen is essential and the first key to develop your practice. Her classes are a mixture between strength, flexibility and techniques.


Movemen Decoded

Cameron James (CJ) has been embodying movement in various aspects since a very young age. In 2010 he started to become a devoted yoga practitioner during his time as a professional athlete he then completed his 200 hours YTT whilst living as a Physical Training Instructor within the RAF. Since then he has made sure to implement his experiences in creative movement and mindfulness into his practice and class structures.



Charlie has been practicing movement, meditation and yoga for over a decade. he teaches ways to integrate a yoga practice in to your normal routine and how to better handle stressful and challenging situations.

His classes are flowing and pacey with a focus more on enlightenment than alignment.
Music plays a key part in his life both on and off the mat, and he integrates some of the more traditional elements of yoga into his contemporary practice.


Vinyasa Flow

Charley believes when we move from a place of freedom and joy, the result of this practice is an enlivened being. It’s this deeply seeded positivity she aims to bring to her classes. With her background in Contemporary Dance, movement has always been a huge part of her life. Come to class for physically creative, fluid flows – dynamic with a touch of playfulness.


Vinyasa Flow

Claire found her way into her first yoga class in 2013 following an injury and upon recognising the shift it was having on her own mental health, she was drawn to teaching. Since qualifying as a teacher in 2017, she has trained under Calli Popham, Carl Faure, Rikke Brodin, Collette Davis and The Yoga People and she has 400 hours worth of training specialising in Vinyasa; Dynamic, Creative, Mandala, Embodied and Tantric Flow.


Power Vinyasa

Movement has always been an important part of Daniella’s life, having trained in classical and contemporary dance. Daniella found the practice of yoga after moving to London and quickly became mesmerised with the power of breath and flow. Daniella teaches vinyasa yoga, drawn to the freedom, creativity and dynamic sequencing of the practice. Her teaching style encourages students to be curious and playful but also to practice with mindfulness staying connected to the breath at all times. Daniella’s classes focus on building strength, leading with breath and also finding those important moments of stillness and surrender.



In August 2018 I’ve joined The Yoga People to do my 200h Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket. In July 2019 I completed 50h Intensive Teacher Training in Rocket yoga with David C. Kyle and in 2020 I completed my 100h intensive Rocket Training with Marcus Veda, Hannah Witthingham and Christian Di Giorgio.
Willing to share my love for yoga, along with the benefits it can bring to our daily life, I like to guide both new and experienced practitioners through a more conscious and mindful approach to the practice, embracing both physical and spiritual aspect.



Francesco’s first experience with yoga was when he was living in Milan and later in London he discovered that yoga was helping him finding a
new path in life.
Fascinated by the practice and the effect in the body and mind he decided to do his 200h Ashtanga Vinyasa foundation training with the Yoga People followed by 50h Rocket Vinyasa with Good Life Yoga School.
He’s currently completing 300h Vinyasa training with Jason Crandell.
Francesco believes that yoga is for everyone but not all the poses are and he encourages people to find their own personal practice.


Vinyasa Flow

Giuliana is an ex dancer, a vinyasa flow & restorative yoga teacher and a physiotherapist in
She is also one of three founders of TripSpace where she takes care of the overall programme.

She has been dancing for 25 years, practicing yoga for 18 years.
Giuliana is a Yoga Campus and London Contemporary Dance School  alumna and has recently been asked by Internationally renown Yoga Teacher Judith Hanson Lasater to assist her on her next Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course in London.



Harriet came to yoga through a background in classical and contemporary dance. She is an Advanced certified Jivamukti yoga teacher, studying with inspiring teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life, Yogeswari and Patrick Broome. Harriet’s classes will take you through a dynamic physical practice, aided by thoughtful hands-on assists and with an alignment focus influenced by her knowledge of the body and movement. Classes are always grounded in the five tenets of Jivamukti yoga, set to a wide ranging sound track and creative challenging sequences. Thanks go to all the teachers who have inspired and continue to enrich her practice and teaching.


Power Vinyasa

Joa has been involved with movement and wellness his whole life.
Being an ex-athlete and musician, he combines physical exercise with inner self-discovery.
Joa has studied traditional as well as contemporary Yoga in Nepal and India, in places where spirituality and dedication for the practice are essential.
His classes vary between traditional yogic practices, flows, and athletic conditioning which helps to strengthen the body as well as creating flexibility and endurance.
He focuses on alignment and self-exploration as he believes it is key for developing a safe and lasting practice within the parameters of one’s own individuality.


Vinyasa Flow/Yang to Yin

Kate’s exploration of yoga began aged 14, when she found a book of middle-aged women with 70s hair, shiny leotards and very bendy bodies in her grandma’s house. Weirdly, this attracted her. Luckily, she soon found out there was much more to yoga.

With a practice background in Ashtanga yoga, training in Vinyasa Flow, and an aversion to taking life too seriously, Kate shares playful, dynamic, breath-led sequencing with a focus on mindful alignment. She aims to enable students to find a personal practice in each class, so that they may cultivate their own yoga and experience the many ways in which the practice expands all areas of our human life.

Kate is also a professional singer and, having found yoga so supportive of this area of her life, now creates yoga programmes for musicians and performers specifically. She loves to use music in class, and has been known to bust out a tune mid-asana. Song requests welcome!



Nino started yoga back in 2017 in Hong Kong as a way to escape from the intensity of the city and find calmness.

Back in London he started practicing Rocket yoga with Marcus Veda.

With Marcus Veda, Hannah Whittingham and Christian Di Giorgio at Good Life Yoga School Nino has completed Dynamic Vinyasa training and advanced Rocket Vinyasa training.

Nino’s classes are challenging, precisely instructed, music to breath linked, and most of all fun.


Yang to Yin

Marisse has a playful and light-hearted teaching style and believes the yoga practice is a place for intuition and choice to show up.
She is passionate about making the practice inclusive, accessible, and diverse.
With a particular love for yin and slower movement practices she facilitates space for stillness, curiosity, and letting go.
Marisse is trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin and continues study philosophy, the roots of yoga and anatomy under the guidance of her mentors/teachers such as Alexandria Crow. Her inspirations and teaching style draws from various places including her background in Psychology and Corporate Learning.


Yin Yoga & Meditation

Practising Yin & Meditation with Polly is an opportunity to slow down and take some time to re-connect. She deeply understands the importance (and need!) for time to recharge when living in a fast paced environment and her classes are an invitation to pause and refocus your energy toward yourself. Her classes will guide you into moving intuitively to your unique body and set the foundations for mindfulness both on and off your mat. She creates a warm and friendly environment, welcoming you to explore your practice with a kind and curious attention.


Vinyasa flow

Roberto teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Restorative yoga for the past two years. He focuses on body alignment, the focusing of breath, mind, heart and energy while creating challenging and original sequences.
Roberto completed his 200-hour teacher training at ‘Frog Lotus Yoga International,’ where he studied under Carl Faure, Vidya Heisel and Emily-Clare Hill. Frog Lotus having sparked his enthusiasm in teaching, Roberto decided to pursue his yoga career and is currently attending the 500-hr advanced training on ‘Modern Postural Yoga’ at ‘Vajrasati Yoga’ with Jim Tarran. This practice incorporates various influences such as Tantra, Raja, Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism.
Roberto is also a qualified Practitioner in Therapeutic Massage, anatomy and physiology from the London College of Massage since 2011, he is also Reiki Level 2 attuned and and holds a first aid certificate from the Red Cross.



Saori is an experienced senior Yoga teacher in London.
8 years’ experience in teaching group classes and private as well as workshops, trainings and retreat.

A keen Yoga practitioner over 15 years’ experience.
Completed the advance teacher training (RYT 500hr) and further trainings annually with various well established yoga teachers all over the world under the Yoga Alliance and Ashtanga lineage.


Vinyasa Flow

Tiffany sought out yoga as a way to rediscover movement and a connection to her body after moving away from dancing and as a counterbalance to the stresses of her busy events job.
The impact was immediate and bought a renewed sense of energy, vigour and curiosity into her life. The transformational power of the spiritual, physical and emotional practice compelled her to take her 200 YTT so she could begin to share this magic with others.


Rocket - Power Vinyasa

Vrynda Ramos was first introduced to bhakti yoga by his father as a young kid. From early age, she has been practicing bhakti yoga as a spiritual path, chanting mantras, meditating, reading and, learning about various compilations of the vedas, such as the Srimad Bhagavat Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita, etc.
Being a vegetarian all her life, she was inspired to study and understand more about nutrition and how to lead a healthy physical life. All this combination took her to her first yoga class in 2019, where she fell in love with the practice and never stopped since.
Determined to help empower others through yoga, she began teaching in 2020. She is very invested in the yoga practice in its entirety, not only the physical aspect of it, but also the mental and spiritual paths. She believes yoga is for everybody. Her positive and uplifting energy encourages self love and free exploration on the mat.