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We want to encourage dancers to make Yoga an integral part of their training!

To reserve a space in the Yoga class please write to you can pay for this class on the door , it’s £8.
If you can not make it please tell us in advance so the space becomes available for someone else.
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wih Jon Caruana

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7th November
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This technique will teach you how to go into and out of the earth rapidly and efficiently. Based on the principle of the spiral, it encourages the practice of following pathways in a curve, enabling the whole body to travel down and up (or vice versa). Each participant will learn the foundations, with an emphasis simultaneously on their individual approach and their connection with the whole group. Once connected, we practise fast and with loud music.

Flying low is a technique initiated and developed by David Zambrano. Irene practises with him regularly at his Art Centre in Brussels. Her method of teaching this technique tries to be as true as possible to Zambrano’s original teachings. Focusing particularly on curves and spirals with Irene, you will become an expert in effortlessness and elegance.


Jon is a london based performer. He graduated from the BA programme and MA Transitions dance company at Trinity Laban. Since then he worked as a freelance performer in a variety of theatre, site specific and conceptual work, collaborating with artists such as Leah Capaldi, Alice Anderson and Chloe Aliyanni. Alongside performance he is also a massage therapist.

Yukiko Masui

facilitates ProDance Training

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A highly physical class which explores different dynamics and rhythm drawing on Hiphop foundation and dynamic floor work.

Yukiko’s class focuses on how to flow, stop, groove and attack movements as well as gaining strength to be in and out of the floor efficiently. Her technique is influenced by Hip-hop foundation of isolation and rhythm training, dynamic floor work.


Yukiko started her dance training in hiphop and ballroom latin in Tokyo. In 2008, she moved to London to study contemporary dance and joined Transitions Dance Company at Trinity Laban as a part of MA course. Since the graduation, she has been working internationally with companies and choreographers such as Agudo Dance, Art of Spectra(SE), Cathy Waller, Norrdans(SE), Rhiannon Faith, Rosie Kay, Tamsin Fitzgerald(2Faced Dance), TRIBE and more.

As a rehearsal director and assistant, she has worked for Agudo Dance Company, reviving of “A Thousand Shepherds” in Cape Town with Cape Dance Company as well as Burgos university in Spain. She has also assisted Hakeem Onibudo from Impact Dance on Live Vive in Caracas with British Council and Sadler’s Wells in London.

Her choreographic credit includes Norrdans apprentice, The Place, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, London Studio Centre, Impact Dance, Ballet Boyz(R&D). Her own works were commissioned by and toured to The Place, DanceXchange, Riley Theatre, Norrlands Opera and beyond. She has also choreographed nmusicals and theatre productions such as A Little Night Music(Story House), Guy the new musical(Bunker Theatre) and Urine Town(London College of Music)

She delivers professional dance classes based on HIPHOP foundation and Floorwork to institutions and companies such as The Place, Birmingham Dance Network, Greenwich Dance, London Studio Centre, StopGap, Norrdans, Ballet Boyz, Burgos Conservatoire and more.

Yuki is currently an associate artist at The Place and being part of mentoring programme by Akram Khan Company supported by Sky Arts.


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14th November
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£25 Early Bird before 1st November
£30 thereafter

Marso is known for his unique style of movement and deliver performance, education, and
residency work across the dance sector both in the UK and abroad.
Based on an experimental and physiological approach to flow and travel, his signature
style of work often evolves and is inspired from Martial arts, Breakin, Popping,
Contemporary Release, Spirals, Yoga and various movement concepts….
“At the heart of my work is education and community. I believe that everyone regardless of
age or ability should have access to high quality dance opportunities.”
Past & present relationships with organisations:
Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts, Dancexchange, TripSpace, Birmingham
Hippodrome, UK Centres of Advance Training, Dance4, The Place London, Yorkshire
Dance, Breakin Convention, Rambert School, Wolverhampton University, La Caldera,
Barcelona Centre Civic, Sadlers Wells, CCN Creteils Paris, Adage Bordeaux FR. Acosta
Danza, Danza Contemporenea de Cuba
Styles offered: Mixed movement concepts to include but not limited to Breakin’,
Streetdance (Popping, Choreography, Hip Hop), Contemporary Dance.

What to expect:
• The class will explore how to flow between breakin and other movement
techniques, refining extensions and “released” versus “dynamic” movement
• Weight distribution and movement concepts through short improvisation, traveling
sequences and technical drills.
• The class is aimed to develop all professional dancers, from those in professional
training through to Bboys and Bgirls/streetdancers wanting to develop their range of
movement or simply wanting to take part in a fun and physical morning dance class


Based in the U.K, Marso is the founder of Company Decalage, GalleryMarso and “KRE8!”.
He produces eclectic and inter-disciplinary works rooted to Hip Hop culture.
His track record as a performer, producer, workshop leader, mentor, award winning choreographer and photographer is rich with amazing collaborations and achievements.
In the last 20 years he has established himself as a major force in both the contemporary dance, and Breakin’ (Breakdance) worlds.
He has created numerous touring works for Company Decalage and independently been commissioned by Carlos Acosta for Acosta Danza, Sharleen Spiteri (Texas), Sampad, The Royal Academy of Dance, Birmingham Hippodrome, People Dancing, Dancexchange, Birmingham International Dance Festival, The Place Prize, Breakin Convention, The Cultural Olympiad, The Aurora Orchestra, King’s Cross NC1, Danza Contemporenea De Cuba, The British Council and Hong Kong APA.
more info:
IG: @marsoriviere