FREE YOGA CLASSES for 55+ Hackney residents

FREE YOGA CLASSES for 55+ Hackney residents

Introducing SUPPLE BALANCE YOGA & EXERCISE for 55+yo Hackney Residents 🌟

We’re thrilled to unveil this brand new program, designed especially for older residents!

Our classes are tailored to provide a gentle yet effective way to enhance your well-being. With simple sequences of standing and chair-based movements, we aim to build strength and balance while fostering a deep connection to your breath, purpose, and community. It’s not just a fitness class; it’s a journey of self-care.

🧡 Key Benefits 🧡

Balance & Strength: Our activities are thoughtfully curated to help you build resilience, enhancing your balance and strength. By participating, you are taking proactive steps to prevent falls and maintain your vitality.

🕙 Class Schedule 🕙

📅 Fridays from 10:00am to 11:00am

Upcoming Sessions:

🔸 3rd November – 1st December (5 Sessions)
🔸 12th January – 9th February (5 Sessions)
🔸 23rd February – 15th March (4 Sessions)
🔸 19th April – 10th May (4 Sessions)

🌟 Inclusivity and Access 🌟

We’re dedicated to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their mobility level, can join us. All are welcome, and we offer both in-studio and livestream sessions, ensuring you have the flexibility to participate in the way that suits you best.

👉 FREE to Attend

Thanks to the generous support of Hackney Council @hackneycouncil these classes are available to you at no cost. It’s our way of giving back to the vibrant Hackney community we cherish.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to prioritize your well-being and connect with like-minded individuals in your community. Come be a part of SUPPLE BALANCE YOGA & EXERCISE.

Join us for a journey of strength, balance, and community. See you there!

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What an incredible journey it has been since Giuliana & Montse first crossed paths in 2005 while dancing for the same company! TripSpace’s inception was nothing short of a casual chat in our ever-changing dressing room conversations during those stage appearances.

Fast forward to 2013, and after eight years of dreaming, countless ventures, and spontaneous performance nights in some of the quirkiest places imaginable—think snooker clubs, warehouses, basement bars, and more—we finally found our place. We secured a lease in a railway arch in Haggerston, all thanks to the invaluable support of investor Peter Fiala.

Today, TripSpace stands as a respected organization, continuously driving forward with projects funded by @aceagrams and @hackeycouncil. It has become a hub for experimental dance and a beloved destination for yoga, health, and well-being. We take great pride in offering top-tier teaching while keeping inclusivity and excellence at the very core of our services.

We couldn’t have reached this point without the unwavering support of each and every one of you. Here’s to the remarkable journey we’ve undertaken together, and to many more exciting adventures on the horizon! Thank you for being part of the TripSpace family. 🌟🙏

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Giuliana & Montse


MAKE MOVEMENT MATTER workshops & online talks

Over the next four months Make Movement Matter aims to explore the interdependence between dance practice and scientific enquiry.

We have developed an intense programme of long & short workshops and online conversations with specialist movement coaches, artists and therapists in the hope that these will fuel the conversations around dancers’ health, wellbeing and safe practice and ultimately influence the sector’s modus operandi when thinking of artistic development & production.


16 October 1-4pm
BODIES and TREES: Movement inspired by our human story with trees
Afternoon IRL workshop led by movement coach specialist BEN MEDDER
(note this takes place in Hampstead Heath!)

7 & 8 November 11-5pm
Two day IRL workshop led by dance artist, dynamic anatomy teacher & osteopath ZOE SOLOMONS

13th November 1-4pm
Afternoon IRL workshop led by dance artist & somatic educator SIMONETTA ALESSANDRI

21st-24th November 11-5pm
Intensive IRL Workshop led by international dance artist & educator FREY FAUST

24th November 7-8pm (ONLINE)
Online IRL conversation led by dance artist and educator NITA LITTLE

27th November 1-4pm
Health & Wellbeing: Managing Yourself as a Freelance Artist
Afternoon IRL workshop with Royal Ballet Company physiotherapist KATY CHAMBERS

1st December 7-8pm
Online conversation led by dance artist & osteopath ARIANNA PISANO

8st December 7-8pm
THE KNEE: Anatomy, biomechanics and risk factors of an injury.
Online conversation led by dance artist & osteopath ARIANNA PISANO

11th December 1-4pm
Afternoon IRL workshop led by dancer, neuroscientist & academic SOPHIA MARTINS

12-15 December 11-5pm
PHYSICOLOGY: Physics, biomechanics, evolutionary biology, psychology, performance skills and anatomy in relation to dance technique.
Intensive IRL workshop led by dance artist & educator JOS BAKER

15st December 7-8pm
Online conversation led by dance artist & osteopath VIC HOYLAND

9-12 January 11-5pm
MOVEMENT, MINDFULNESS and NEUROSCIENCE: A Workshop for Interdisciplinary Movers
Intensive IRL workshop by dance artist & educator TOM AFIYAN-ENGLISH

CALL FOR ARTISTS – Make Movement Matter

CALL FOR ARTISTS – Make Movement Matter


We are looking to award FOUR  artists in residence at TripSpace between October 2022 and January 2023 as part of MAKE MOVEMENT MATTER, a five month programme of workshops, shows, talks & residencies exploring links between dance, science, health and wellbeing.


Each artist in residence will get:

40 hours residence at TripSpace
£1000 seed commission
x8 class teaching opportunities as part of our professional dance class programme (paid, of course)
Free attendance to all Make Movement Matter workshops and talks ( 8 intensive workshops, 4 online talks – attendance is not compulsory, you can pick and choose which ones you want as long as you book them in advance)
1x sharing to invited audience at the end of residency
1x paid public performance opportunity on 21st January 2022

We are looking for artists who:

Who are interested in exploring the interdependent links between the scientific enquiry and the art of movement within their choreographic practice.
Currently use teaching as part of their artistic practice and professional palette
Have availability between October 2022- January 2023 to be in residence consecutively Monday to Friday 11-5 for two weeks (the two weeks do not need to be consecutive)

Will happily teach 11-12:30 and then create 1-5pm while in residency (compulsory)
Are interested in attending Make Movement Matter workshops and talks (elective choice)
Will happily share the results of their creative process, no matter how raw at the end of residency (compulsory) and present in public performance on 21st January (elective)
Will happily write a max 1000 words statement on their residence experience at TripSpace (compulsory!)
We highly encourage artists from a global majority background to apply
Artistic partnerships may apply, but please be aware that the financial commitments however would have to stay the same, these would therefore need to be in match funded to additional production strategy.

How to apply:

Subject: Make Movement Matter / Artistic Residency

Content of the BODY the email (do NOT attach documents)

100 words artist biography
100 words max on content of research
100 additional words on how/why/when dance + science interlink within the research.
Short video links to either previous work or the work you are applying for
Weeks you have available between w/c 3rd Of October and w/c 16th January

DEADLINE: 12th September 2022

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 16th September 2022


**PLEASE NOTE: Artists applying for this opportunity need to be based and legally able to work in the UK.