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Classes run every day of the week .
We aim to offer classes that challenge, uplift and inspire all.
Inviting you to connect physically with the body and the breath in order to liberate the mind and nourish the soul.
Our teachers are warm and sincere and welcome all levels to come and take part.
We are running classes IN-STUDIO, ONLINE & ON-DEMAND.
Please book in advance and bring your own mat if you come to the studio to practice, alternatively you can hire one of our mats for a £2 cleaning fee.

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The Biomechanics Of Inversions with Jambo

The Biomechanics Of Inversions with Jambo

This workshop is the foundation class for Jambo Dragon School’s ‘Origin Of Movement’ series.   The Origin Of Movement teaches practitioners how to understand the pathway of breath and in this class, how it moves from diaphragm to core to shoulders. By understanding this kinetic pathway, practitioners are able to work out where they can go deeper with their personal practise.   Expect yoga sequences that show how to isolate individual muscles of the core for maximum core power. Learn how to stabilise shoulder muscles to bring more confidence to your practise and resolve compensation patterns so that you can put your very best forwards.   There will be multiple options for each pose to give practitioners a general idea of how to improve their relationship with inversions.
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Release and Reclaim: A somatic exploration of your wild self with Tiffany Hamilton-Atkins

Release and Reclaim: A somatic exploration of your wild self with Tiffany Hamilton-Atkins

When we cultivate the relationship to the body it becomes a practice of revelation and full expression of our whole selves.   In this 2 hour workshop, we will explore the energetic, physical and emotional body using Body Temple Dance, journaling, sound and meditation. This embodied practice will help you to tap into parts of you that are as yet unexplored, release and move through any stuckness and reclaim your wild, powerful and liberated self   Are you in? *No previous dance experience necessary*
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