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Classes run every day of the week .

We aim to offer classes that challenge, uplift and inspire all.
Inviting you to connect physically with the body and the breath in order to liberate the mind and nourish the soul.

Our teachers are warm and sincere and welcome all levels to come and take part.
Whether you join us in person at our studio, online from the comfort of your own space, or access our on-demand classes at your convenience, we have options to suit your needs.

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Join us for a special evening of sound journeying with the gong and this opportunity to connect to the transformative, creative energy of the full moon. This experience is a space for journeying inwards, to tap into our creativity as we individually and collectively co-create with sound. The blossoming sounds, textures and tones of the gong work on a cellular level to restore balance in us, whilst helping us enter into altered states of consciousness, deep meditation and relaxation states, with no effort or experience needed. Simply through slowing down and opening up to receive sound, we can experience the benefits of the process; that can be reducing stress, deep rest, improving sleep, stilling the mind, energetic shifts, increasing creativity, self-awareness and connection to self and others. Allow the sounds to take you on a journey, as the vibrations gently wash over and move through you, bringing a sense of relaxation, releasing tension and restoring balance to all of your being.
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Upside Down Inside Out  workshop with Šuka Horn

Upside Down Inside Out workshop with Šuka Horn

This workshop aims to inspire the participants to move with playful joy and a sense of harmony. In combination with some basic knowledge about the body, these qualities allow us to safely develop skills and expand personal abilities.   Part of Suka's ongoing research is the simultaneous development of both external and internal qualities- the integration of my love for raw physical challenge and his interest in moving with awareness and ease. During the class we will explore standing material and floor work, drawing inspiration from his training in contemporary dance, acrobatics and urban dance. Additionally, we will investigate movement games as a way to remove the boundaries between formal training and real-life situations. Suka's curiosity and experience with a variety of approaches for the development of "body, heart & mind" have influenced his way of thinking, moving and teaching.
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